The market for short message service (SMS) is expanding like never before. While the SMS service was earlier meant for casual information exchange with friends and family, the business fraternity is gradually embracing this idea of staying in touch with their associates, suppliers, and customers through bulk SMS service. Whether it is business communication or marketing, SMS can support the process effectively.

The medium used for sending an SMS is generally a mobile phone, but when it comes to commercial use, a computer is believed to be a much more convenient medium so that you can easily send bulk SMS with a click of the mouse. A mobile phone comes handy when you have to send just a few SMS. But when it comes to bulk SMS, it is best to use an SMS messenger so that you can send SMS from PC because typing text so many times and adding hundreds of contact names at one go becomes a tedious job and may be impossible to do.

Thus, when you plan to send SMS from PC to a large number of receivers, as part of your bulk SMS marketing campaign, you must follow the bellow mentioned practices to get best results-

Use simple Sender Name

Leaving a lasting impact on the minds of the receivers of your messages is of utmost importance, and the code you use to send SMS from PC help in achieving this objective. A simple shortcode can be memorised by the consumers. A unique shortcode may be a bit expensive for the small businesses,so they can share number with non-competitors.

Be Direct

Mostly, the length of a text message cannot exceed 160 characters. So when creating a computer SMS you must make sure that you directly come to the point and let the clients know what you have in store for them. You don’t have to divulge each and every detail of the offer or plan that you are sending to the customers. You can communicate the major points using the popular sms words that save space yet put across the intended message effectively.

Keep the content short and relevant

A computer SMS is after all a short message that is sent from computer. If you add too much irrelevant information, you will bore the receiver and they might not read the full text and delete it anyway. This is why you should keep the message short and to the point.

Personalise the message

One of the reasons why marketers are shifting to SMS marketing techniques is that the text messages can be personalised. By addressing the receiver of the message with his/her first name, you show you make the users feel special and desirable.

Schedule the bulk SMS

The time at which you send SMS from PC or your mobile phone is crucial. You don’t want to wake your customers up at the middle of the night by sending bulk SMS during that time. This way, all your efforts on creating an effective and exciting text message would fail just because you did not time it right. Research a bit on your target audience and the timings at which they are mostly free, and accordingly send PC SMS at the right time.

When starting your marketing campaign, don’t just start off by selecting random numbers and send computer SMS. This may annoy the message receivers who are not interested in what you are offering. You should make sure that your customers opt-in for the text messages you send for marketing purposes. By seeking permission from the customers you can build a valuable bulk SMS database that can help you in the long run.

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