As you are well aware, mobile devices are being used increasingly at workplaces to research and gather information for any business-related function. That includes purchases. Mobile apps are used catch the attention of audiences during the early stages of the buying cycle. Research suggests that at least 78% of enterprises allow their employees to bring their own devices and 68% of executives are comfortable enough to make purchases on their smartphones.

Now that mobile technology has already been integrated into the large marketing chain you shouldn’t fall behind. Here are some tips that can help you get started.

SMS campaign
SMS campaigns are extremely cheap and easy to maintain so they can be used for a variety of mobile marketing programs. You can promote sales, provide updates, and even generate inbound calls just through SMS text messaging. Not everyone can access to the internet wherever they go. Through SMS, you gain a distinct advantage.

Mobile app-etizers
Provide multi-functional apps for professionals. Companies like Canon already have apps for their wifi capable printers so everyday people can make use of their products without having to sit down and use a computer. Giving your customers and prospects the ability to access functions and gather information on your company’s products and services will be easier for them since they only have to access them from their mobile devices.

Social Involvement
Make use of social networks, particularly those already used in B2B marketing (e.g. LinkedIn). Make posts and content interactive by giving your prospects and supporters the opportunity to share and comment with others. When done properly, the amount of attention you get will increase according to the traffic it produces while making sure to divert the traffic back to your mobile site and landing pages.

Dynamic compatibility
One common rule of thumb is to make your mobile websites compatible to every browser to boost your prospect’s impression on you. Take note though that not everyone can be drawn into your site with just impressive looks. Consider the new trend of responsive designs and their ability to automatically adapt to a mobile browser. You should also make it easier to interact with such as enabling calls directly from the site.

QR codes
People using their mobile devices can have a hard time just to type in the web address you presented so they might avoid trying to go to the site at all. QR codes can be useful for enabling quick actions due to their simple yet direct methods. The faster they can move in the sales process, the faster you can nab a sale.
Keep in mind that most businessmen still keep their social habits with them to work with most social media habits occurring on mobile devices