Marketing or Promotion is important for business Start-Ups to build a brand image. Brand building definitely help a-lot to startups for growth & expanding business. Brand promotion becomes a core part of business as it needs various chances to grow and get promoted in industry market. In this way, Brand promotion is most important part for business growth and company brand to get recognised by a large number of people in the market.

Business marketing is essential for the Start-Ups to establish business identity, stay ahead in market from competitor companies, long term promise to the clients and to establish business loyalty and great customer relationship. There are a lot of things which need to keep in mind for startup business promotional. Brand Promotion for business should be done by influencing company name, business logo, trademark & the other remaining key points that can make it strong enough to compete in the market. A Business brand must be a perfect company/product name, story regarding the customer requirements and value of the product.

Small scale companies mostly focus on product development and spend most of budget, time and effort to develop the best product. Once product development is complete, the biggest challenge that these startups face to promote in front of right customer potential. It is difficult for startup business or small companies to hire marketing agencies as it involve a huge cost. Without any cost or with a very minimal cost, there are still some of really good marketing practices that do not require huge cost or valuable resources and can get your business to success.

Let’s discuss the 10 important secrets for growth of business start-up, promotion and implementation of business marketing for FREE.

1. Logo & Brand Name Should Be Clear and Specific

Logo is an important part of any company as it is a symbol used by the organisations to promote their products & services to get a public recognition. A Logo must be specific, creative & logical as it carries the visual appearance of the business, it is the significance of the business; thus, the task becomes more important. An efficient & specific logo helps in building a strong corporate identity for the start-ups to grow, enhances the branding process & makes their advertising easier.

A logo must be designed by keeping the future vision of the business in mind as the logo which is designed for today may have to be changed in the future. It must be designed by the user’s point of view as well.

The logo must be designed in such a way that it can convey a clear brand message to the customers. The customers set their mind about the business in the very first view of the logo. You will be amazed to know that most of FMCG products sold on the basis of colors they select for their product Packaging. Proper color contrasts must be included in designing the logo so that the start-ups can grow in a right direction with proper & clear image of their business & its services. A good & specific logo always leaves an ever-lasting impression on the people’s mind. A design is something fashion, if it is not up to date, you may sound like a clown in the market.

2. Email marketing for lead generation and engagement :

Yes you heard it right and it’s free for small companies use. Start small with the number of customer email ids you get from your website, social media or Internet. Work on the newsletter that speaks about your offers, exclusive discounts and send them for timely promotion. Platforms like MailChimp offers free email services. Make the best use of this free service to reach an audience and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter for more offers later. Use the email you get from your social media channels, website and make the best use of it. Work On email subject and body that stands out among all the other emails. Keep improvising for better email open rate and email click-through-rate.

3. On line Business Directory Listing :

A business directory is an on line list of businesses within a particular niche, location or category. One way local businesses can get found by on line searchers is through inclusion in business directories. Excellent method to improve link building and market your business, which is an important way to climb higher in search engine results. Listing in relevant business directory provides the benefits to company all the time. It will be a great advantage if you make sure company / business listed in every relevant directory possible.

4. Strong Digital Marketing :

Digital marketing strategies can help startup companies to grow business to high level in sort period of time. Digital Marketing has the various organic ways to grow the Start-Ups without investing a huge amount of money. It includes the SEO, SMO, email Campaigns etc. which is cost-effective & provide the long term benefits to the business & a growing company, it increases the visibility & generates huge traffic to the website of a Start-Up business. It also includes the content marketing, social media marketing & e-mail marketing etc. for the growth of a Start-Up business organisation. Digital Marketing includes a number of activities that increases the chances of growth of a Start-Up business.

Social media channels are also a part of digital marketing which can be used for business branding, You need to create the content for audience to read, understand and use via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Choose the platform that best suits your business goals. Start with understaning of user behavior, Try to generate interest, curiosity and engage the audience. Offer something for free on the social media and see how people get pulled towards your brand. This exercise can prove to be a fantastic way to build an email database that you can use anytime to offer them some amazing deals. Keep tracking and modify your strategy as and when required, it will help company for long term.

5. Fresh, Unique and attractive content :

The content is the main basic idea through which a business can get a high rank, it must include the relevant keywords defining the company’s products & services in an efficient manner so that the customers can understand the services in a better way. An original, unique & SEO focussed content help the Start-Ups to get more visibility among the customers & in the competitive market as well. The content must not include the repeating words, duplicate words & the lot of words; it should be limited in words as specified by the SEO crawlers.

6. Referral Schemes & Coupon Codes :

The start-ups have a unique dilemma in the market. They have to research for the more innovative & creative ideas to stay connected with the existing & new customers as well. They have to differentiate themselves from the other competitors. There are a lot of factors to be considered for a growing start-up business. In this case, organising the referral schemes & coupons can generate a lot of benefits for the start-ups for their growth. It helps the start-ups in keeping the existing customers connected with the business & also in generating the new crowd of number of new customers as well.

7. Google My Business :

Registering your business with Google My Business allows it to be found more easily on Google searches and it shows up on Google Maps. Google has an easy online process to list business and verify on google my business listing, You also have alternative verification methods like call and email. Yahoo! It’s free business directory which is certainly worth the few minutes to set up. Microsoft’s Bing has a similar service to set up.

8. New Business from existing customers:

Happy and satisfied customers are the biggest and the best marketing tool. Actively work with them and engage with them to create a buzz on the internet. They are the live proofs of your hard work and quality product. Their one recommendation or their one positive experience with your brand can build a great percentage of confidence among new buyers and customers of your company. Word-of-mouth is said to be an old marketing technique, but when works, it still has the potential to create more magic
for your brand in today’s digital environment.

9. Check Website Tags, Meta Tags & SEO optimization:

A fully focused website with all the required tags, meta tags is very important for the Start-ups so that more & more people come to know about their business & its activities. Not only a website can help the start-ups to grow but it should also consist of proper tags, meta tags & SEO focused as well. The website is the physical appearance of any business organisation & it can explain or convey all the relevant information about the business even without the presence of the business owner. There is a great importance & benefits as well of tags & meta tags in a SEO focused website. Start-ups definitely get benefit from the SEO focused website as the website helps the potential customers to find the business according to their needs.

10. Free Press releases

Every time your business does something newsworthy, do not hesitate to shoot off a free press release maybe some people will pick up on it. They are a powerful media tool to used to help generate publicity, and having free distribution of them is a bonus. There are many of websites out there that you can use for your press releases, such as PRLog, OpenPR and Press Release Point. While press release keep few things in mind like press release agency covering covering the region which you you want to target.

Marketing is a must for business growth, whether you are a big well-known brand or a small business or a startup. Investing huge amount in marketing may not be possible for startups, but working smartly and making your moves cleverly can help companies move their brand and products and get them to places that too for FREE.

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